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35 Years of Creating Beautiful Smiles

Dr. Stonisch at the Faircourt Dental Smile Studio celebrates 35 years of creating beautiful smiles for the people in Grosse Pointe and its surrounding communities.

She's A Cover Girl

WOW… Dr. Stonisch, Faircourt Dental, again shares her knowledge and expertise with her peers.

“We live in a society where our appearance plays a major role in our ability to succeed.  A beautiful and healthy smile can make a measurable difference in our self-confidence and self-esteem.  However, what people are born with is difficult, if not impossible, to re-create once destroyed.  In other words, it is difficult to reproduce nature with the unnatural.” states Dr. Stonisch, Faircourt Dental Smile Studio.

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Dr. Stonisch - Author of...


Dr. Stonisch at the Faircourt Dental Smile Studio reveals what you need to know about the latest techniques in self-care and modern dentistry for creating a smile that earns smiles, keeping away tooth decay, maintaining healthy gums, improving your bite, and replacing lost teeth.

Her new book on dental health is an excellent guide and roadmap to achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. It addresses a variety of important dental health issues and provides information for people of all ages from childhood to adulthood on how to achieve and maintain dental health through education on self-care and appropriate utilization of dental health providers.

Smile Fitness is a great addition to any home library and makes a unique gift to friends and family!

The Faircourt Dental Team Goes To Malawi, Africa

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The Faircourt Dental Smile Team traveled to Malawi, Africa in December 2018 to provide dental care to the residents of one of the poorest countries in the world.  Malawi has the least electrification of any country in Africa and the rate of unemployment is one of the highest in the world. The team traveled over their Christmas holiday bringing food, supplies, as well as oral health care.  

Giving Back in the Smiles for America Program

Dr. Stonisch was recently featured in Grosse Pointe Lifestyle magazine. It covers her journey as a participant in Smiles for America, a group of 50 dentists from 50 states banding together to provide smiles for 50 deserving American heroes. She provided John Warn, a Desert Storm veteran and current deputy for the sheriff’s department, with a brand new smile. Read more about John Warn and his process working with Dr. Stonisch by clicking the image or online at this link.

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Dr. Stonisch's Wellness Party

In case you missed Faircourt Dental Smile Studio’s 1st Annual Wellness Party, watch this video.

Piooneer, Inovator, Author, Speaker

It is no accident that as a pioneer in dentistry with more than 1000 continuing-education hours and three decades of experience, Dr. Stonisch gets exquisite results for her patients. Accredited by the AACD, a distinction held by few than approx. 400 dentists worldwide, Dr. Stonisch combines her experience with degrees in art and chemistry to produce smart, sophisticated smiles in her Grosse Pointe, Michigan comprehensive dental practice. She is a Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists as well as a Mentor at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington.

In her spare time, Dr. Stonisch has authored an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to oral health and common dental dilemmas for consumers (patients), called Smile Fitness with a soft cover companion; the Smile Fitness Workbook.

In addition, she holds three patents for her SMILE-NOW peel and stick dental templates which allow dentists as well as patients to quickly and easily see smile possibilities.

From topics like Women in Dentistry, Implants: the New Kid On The Block Creating The Smile You Use To Have, and Just Breathe, Dr. Stonisch’s expertise and charming personality will captivate any audience. Always leaving them with a positive message and motivation for success is her recipe for sincere smiles.

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