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Meet Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch; Smile Artist, Influencer and Speaker


Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch, renowned as the “Smile Artist” in the world of dentistry, extends her influence beyond her thriving dental practice to become a sought-after speaker and influencer. While her expertise in crafting beautiful smiles has garnered her the title of Smile Artist, Dr. Stonisch has embraced a broader role, sharing invaluable insights on life, balance, and stress management, particularly targeting female entrepreneurs. Her journey is not just about perfecting smiles; it’s about inspiring others to achieve holistic success, both professionally and personally.

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, burnout is a constant threat. Dr. Stonisch draws from her extensive experience in dentistry to offer practical strategies to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Recognizing the tendency for entrepreneurs to neglect self-care, she emphasizes the importance of taking time for oneself. Through personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, Dr. Stonisch encourages entrepreneurs to engage in activities that bring joy and to prioritize nurturing relationships. She believes that by investing in personal well-being, individuals become better equipped to handle the demanding nature of their work.

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Delegation, a skill often overlooked by entrepreneurs, is another crucial aspect of Dr. Stonisch’s approach to avoiding burnout. She advocates for a shift in mindset that acknowledges the value of seeking help and sharing responsibilities. By delegating tasks, entrepreneurs can streamline their focus, enhancing productivity and preventing the exhaustion that comes from attempting to manage everything independently.

Beyond avoiding burnout, Dr. Stonisch delves into the delicate art of balancing work and love life. Her talks explore the significance of maintaining a positive mindset and building resilience to navigate the inevitable setbacks and failures that accompany entrepreneurial journeys. Drawing from her personal experiences, she highlights the power of perseverance and the lessons learned from failure, encouraging young entrepreneurs to view challenges as opportunities for growth.

As Dr. Stonisch embraces a new chapter in her life, she eagerly takes on the role of mentor and guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through her speaking engagements, she seeks to create a community of individuals who not only excel in their businesses but also lead balanced and fulfilling lives. Her vision extends beyond professional success, encouraging entrepreneurs to find fulfillment beyond their work. Dr. Stonisch is committed to fostering a community where moments of play, the nurturing of relationships, and the pursuit of spiritual well-being are cherished as integral components of a balanced life.

Organizations looking to benefit from Dr. Stonisch’s wealth of knowledge and inspirational insights can book her as a speaker for their events. By contacting her at 313-882-2000, they can bring the Smile Artist’s transformative message to their audience, empowering them to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship while maintaining a holistic and fulfilling life. Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch’s unique blend of expertise and motivational guidance promises to leave a lasting impact on audiences seeking to excel in both their professional and personal endeavors.

You can also visit her website at drmarysue.com for more information.


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