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Summing up implants


With all the requirements for dental implants and my recitation of problems that can occur, you may be thinking “Not for me!” Please don’t let the information discourage you from considering this wonderful therapy. I’ve given you the facts because it’s right to do so; however, I would stress that implant failures and other negative results are most unusual, affecting less than 5 percent of all implant cases.

If you don’t qualify for implants because of health or other problems, or if you don’t find them affordable, you have other great solutions available in today’s bridges and removable partial dentures. Science, materials, and techniques have also developed to the point that today’s appliances are much stronger, more attractive, and easier to care for than those of our parents’ day. Either implants or dentures can be a good alternative when a tooth or teeth have been lost because of decay or gum disease.

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