Metagenics® Supplements

Boost Your Supplement Regimen at Faircourt Dental

Metagenics is here to support your wellness goals so you can live with better health. They offer a variety of supplements, from stress management to immune health and function, to help aid a strong, nutritional lifestyle.

Here at Faircourt Dental, we have teamed up with Metagenics to provide our patients with additional opportunities to enhance their well-being. With our advanced supplement finder, you can search the Metagenics product catalog to find the perfect supplement just for you.

Finding The Best Nutrients For You

Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, discover essential vitamins, or nourish your body with proper nutrients for your age, then Metagenics can help. Dr. Stonisch has incorporated Metagenics into her practice so she can offer patients the chance to redefine their overall health.

With our supplement finder, you’ll be able to uncover what type of nutrients your body needs. Made for men, women, and children, Metagenics uses a ground-breaking formula to provide maximum results for every individual.

You can conveniently find the right supplements right here with Dr. Stonisch. Browse the different nutritional products below.

Get Your Metagenics Today

Ask Dr. Stonisch about Metagenics at your next visit! She can help guide you towards a balanced health regimen and a happier, more confident life.

Simply head to our very own Metagenics page so you can quickly get your journey towards better wellness started. If you have questions about purchasing your supplements, give us a call at (313) 882-2000 so we can happily assist you!