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Even when your teeth and gums are healthy, aging and bad habits can dull your smile. Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch at Faircourt Dental Smile Studio in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, brightens your smile with professional teeth whitening. If you want an exquisitely white and bright set of teeth again, call the team of professionals at Faircourt Dental Smile Studio or book a teeth whitening session online.



How can I remove stains from my teeth?

Our habits, genetics, and simply getting older can dull our teeth. Aging or brushing too hard wears down the tooth’s protective enamel covering, which reveals the underlying brownish color of your dentin layer. Certain medications can cause tooth discoloration, too.

Some common lifestyle choices that stain teeth include:

  • Smoking
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Drinking red wine
  • Drinking coffee, tea, cola, and other dark beverages

Changing your habits might help prevent further staining, but it can’t remove the stains that are already there. If you want whiter teeth, your best bet is a professional teeth whitening session at Faircourt Dental Smile Studio.

How do dentists whiten teeth?

Dr. Stonisch can whiten your teeth up to eight shades with Philips Zoom™ professional whitening system. Zoom whitening goes beyond the stains on the surface of your teeth by sending peroxide molecules all the way into the dentin layer, which naturally has a grayish or brownish tinge. Zoom’s peroxide neutralizes the graying carbon in dentin and makes it look whiter.

Dr. Stonisch finishes your Zoom session in just an hour, and you can see the difference immediately. Zoom whitening is perfectly safe for both your enamel and your dentin. The Zoom procedure is comfortable even if you have sensitive teeth or gums.

After your procedure, Dr. Stonisch applies a protective gel, and you can even get a take-home kit for touch-ups when you need them.

What other teeth whitening options are available?

Faircourt Dental Smile Studio is pleased to offer other whitening systems, including:

SinSational Smile eco-friendly whitening is one of the most popular whitening systems at Faircourt Dental Smile Studio. In just 20 minutes, your smile is several shades lighter without any sensitivity.

SinSational is an affordable treatment that can be added on to a regular professional cleaning every 4-6 months, and all of the materials in the kit are 100% recyclable.