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What’s best when you are missing all or most of your teeth?

implant supported denture


So far, you’ve gotten a bird’s eye view of dentures and implants as solutions for replacing teeth. Now let’s look at full-mouth solutions that, in some cases, combine the advantages of dentures and implants.

Full-mouth dentures—but not grandpa’s

 The main complaint about full-mouth dentures has always been that they move—or can move if they’re not seated in the mouth with precision or if their adhesive fails. They can even fall out of the mouth, though this happens rarely with well-fitted dentures. 

 Still, everyone who has dentures would be delighted if some method were found to attach them securely in the mouth in order to stop movement. Read on!

The beauty of implant support

Today we have a method of attachment that stops movement of dentures, and it’s called implant support—the same implant process we described earlier for replacing individual missing teeth. If a person’s jaw has sufficient bone, we can implant titanium posts and attach dentures to the posts. As a matter of fact, the American Dental Association now states that the standard of care for a patient without lower teeth is no longer a traditional denture but two implants in the lower jaw for the denture to clip onto.

Denture support by implants eliminates movement and makes it much easier to talk and eat. It takes away the fear of embarrassment and eliminates the need for adhesive pastes. You can even eat corn on the cob (really!) with implant-secured dentures.

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