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Life-Changing Dental Implants with X-Nav

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PRECISE DENTAL IMPLANT SURGERY FOR PREDICTABLE RESULTSThe prospect of dental implant placement surgery can be a bit intimidating for some patients, and understandably so. After all, any type of surgery carries a degree of risk. However, when you choose Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch to perform your implant placement surgery, you can be sure that you […]

Scott’s Story

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Meet Scott … Scott, unfortunately, inherited the decay gene from his parents.  No matter how hard he tried to take care of his teeth properly, he would have new cavities at every dental visit.  At the age of 22, his teeth were worn down and his jaw health began to deteriorate.  He was about to enter the working world […]

Karl’s Story


Meet Karl … Karl came to our office seeking relief from his jaw pain.  He had been suffering for years, had tried night guards and oral appliances, and with no resolve.  We discovered that not only were Karl’s teeth worn down from grinding but his bite was also malaligned (uneven).  In a few short weeks, […]

Susan’s Story

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Meet Susan … Susan came to Faircourt wanting to improve the appearance of her smile.  She had multiple front teeth that had been crowned for years and no longer matched her other teeth.  As a professional realtor, a beautiful smile was important to Susan.  We removed her existing crowns and replaced them with all-porcelain crowns which […]

Ellen’s Story

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Meet Ellen … Ellen’s story began when she was 6 years old and it was discovered that she was missing 2 of her permanent front teeth.  After years of orthodontics and temporary bridges, Ellen was finally old enough to complete her dental work.  Dental implants were placed where she was missing teeth.  Porcelain coverage on […]

What are Dental Veneers?

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Dental veneers are coverings that fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. High-quality dental materials, like tooth-colored composite or porcelain, are used to create them. Dental veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry. They can hide a wide range of aesthetic imperfections, including cracks, chips, gaps, tooth discoloration, and more. How do dental veneers […]