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At Faircourt Dental Smile Studio, Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch wants you to experience the difference modern dentistry has to offer.

Mary Sue Stonisch, D.D.S. runs a general and preventative dental practice with expertise in aesthetics and implant dentistry. She is an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Diplomat with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Stonisch also teaches Dentists as a mentor at the Kois Center in Seattle.

Gum Tissues Play A Starring Role In A Smile’s Appearance

Like the frame around a painting, the gum tissues that arch the teeth can greatly affect the impression a smile can make. When the flow of gum tissue fails to create a balance smile line, the smile – no matter how beautiful the teeth may be – seems “off.”

The gum tissues visible in a smile have a significant role in its overall appearance. For example, when too much gum tissue is revealed while smiling (often referred to as a “gummy smile”), teeth – which should be the attention-getter – seem to be in competition with what draws the eye.

Another example is when a smile shows gums at different heights over the teeth. This imbalance detracts from a smile with the focus being the teeth that appear as shorter than the others (even though they may be all at the same height).

To be clear, a gummy smile has nothing to do with one’s oral health. Take Katie Couric, who has a terrific smile that just happens to be a gummy smile. Yet, for people who prefer to have this adjusted, the procedure is fairly simple thanks to today’s advanced laser technology.

Unlike former surgical techniques, laser gum lifting is a far more comfortable way to remove excess tissue for improved symmetry between the gums and teeth.

In this, the gums are numbed with a local anesthetic. We then gently guide a high-powered laser that trims the excess tissue. Laser technology treatment can be performed with incredible precision with minimal risk of excess bleeding or infection.

The laser gum lifting procedure is virtually painless and typically completed in less than an hour. It also has a significantly reduced recovery period. Most patients are able to eat and drink normally within a day. For gum tenderness, OTC pain medications can be taken to ease lingering discomfort. Healing takes one week or less for most people.

Recontouring the gums and bringing out more of the teeth give the smile a more balanced gum-to-tooth ratio. The results are a more beautiful smile you’ll love to share!

To discuss gum recontouring through laser treatment or our many options to enhance the appearance of your smile, call 313-882-2000 for a no-charge consultation with Dr. Sabrina Salim, or request a time at: Request Appointment



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